Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chuck the Horse

Yes. The horse's name is Chuck. Of course he didn't tell me that because horses can't talk. Well except this one:
Classic right!

Anyway, I was just walking home from school, minding my own business when suddenly I say a cop on a horse and I just had to get  a picture. From the picture, we got to talking. I even got pet the horse. The cop's name is Officer Dave Toth of Philadelphia.  He was a former military vet before joining the police force back in 2001.  He went on to tell me about his and 16 year old son and how Chuck got his name. Chuck was named after fallen Officer Chuck Cassidy (see below) also of Philadelphia.
I followed up this conversation with the activities going on at my school to lighten the moment. I was pleased when he encouraged my to continue pursuing my passion as he did his. This really made my day. I also promised in our discussion that I would give my photos to Maria when I got back to do my fieldwork. This is gonna be great!

Friday, November 16, 2012

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright! Hey everybody! I'm so excited! I can finally start on my fieldwork!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be so awesome because I'm doing my fieldwork with Maria Pouchnikova, the photo editor/photographer for the the Northeast Times. I wanna know everything about how to take the awesomest pictures ever! Yeah I said awesomest! It's my blog! I'm the Dr. Suess up in here!

Anywho, I feel like Fred right about know so who wants to watch a Fred video? I do! If you don't then just don't, then just don't click the link:

Isn't Fred funny? I'm still over here laughing my butt off! Thank God for Lucas Cruikshank!

Well I gotta go because I don't know what else to talk about now because I'm calm now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


You know how I said that I was going to wait until I got the camera? Guess, what?  Think again! I've been waiting for at least three months now. I want a new camera but I guess I'll have to wait won't I? I mean that to say I dont want to end up like this guy in the video:
I feel kinda bad for the guy in the car, but he had it coming.

Anywho, I've been mad a lot lately and then it dawned on me that hey, you need to go calm down. Taking a break is hard to do when you have so much to do so I just said I'd try some yoga. I did it on a Friday at one of my YWR (Young Women Rising) meetings and I liked it. You see the thing is, yoga requires patience that I dont have so I would'nt keep doing it. Then I thought to punch holes in stuff but then I thought stitches and because some impatient person ran over here hand when she went ice skating. I would show you the pic but I dont wanna gross you out. Back to the matter at hand, I was too pissed to write but I finally gave in and wrote to you guys and girls who enjoy reading what I have to say.

I need some field work done! I can't find somebody to actually start with. I need to shadow or intern for a photographer/journalist for fifteen hours. Help me out because I want to graduate with a maintained GPA of 3.8 so yeah, and I need transportation money too.


Friday, August 10, 2012


I am in the process of getting a new camera because my old camera is being occupied by someone else. This is why I haven't made any blog post in the past few weeks, but I will start again as soon as possible. Thank you :) !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kyros Tablet

Of all the electronic devices I've ever used, I'd have to say that the Kyros Tablet made by Coby is one of the most durable and portable devices I ever had. It's light-weight, touch-screen, it won't be completely destroyed if it gets hit or wet, and it holds a lot of memory. I have always broken a phone, laptop, or an iPad I recieved, but this Tablet just won't let me do that. I love it!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Point of View

The way people percieve things is amazing. I can't count the multiple times I've shown people stuff and they seen things differently afterwards. Take this picture for example. I was at my best friend's house when I took this picture. She had went upstairs and everyone else had went to the basement. I called her and everyone else to come see the picture I took then asked them where did I take this pictures at. Most of them had said that I took it in her mom's room because you could see the rooftops of the front of the houses, and the others didn't have a clue! When I told them the answer to the question they were amazed. The answer was that I had taken this picture on the the couch in the living room. I took this picture because I liked the fact that it looked as though you had taken that picture from higher, but in reality you've only been on ground level. Isn't the point of view amazing?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I Want To See

I know that my pictures look a hot mess but this is what I want to see in my community. The first picture is a sketch of my vision for the vacant lot that is across the street from Houseman Playground on Godfrey and Summerdale Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. When I was conducting a survery about the needs of my community, the people that I interviewed down to the the youngest one said that our community needs more activites for the kids. We have a playground, but it's not always the best place to be at. Primarily because there is very to do, and trash, glass, drugs, diapers, and bullets lying around. I know this to be a fact because of my short venture there on the Fourth of July.  The swings for the older kids are missing, the see-saw for the little kids had to be removed, the swing set for the little kids are wrapped up around the bars so high that it's rediculous, and just abot everywhere on the vecinatey has graffiti on it. Also, they don't have much acess to it for people who are handi-capped. That is my vision for the Housemen in the Second picture. I also want Houseman to be able to buy the vacant lot across the street from them to create the Creation Station for the kids and teens in our community. The Create Station would be an outlet for kids to show off their skills and to help them to expand upon what they're good at. It'd be an area for painting, dancing, scuplturing, baking, singing, inventing, drawing, etc. Anything that the child was good at they could show everybody there. In my case it would be photography, poetry, and singing. I would just like to know what the other kids in my community can do and make friends with them because that's what this is all about.